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April 17, 2014   17 Nisan 5774


Temple Chai, a vibrant Reform Jewish Congregation
serving the Northwest suburbs of Chicago for over 40 years. 


Passover begins the evening of Monday, April 14th.

Cantor Simon has created a beautiful Haggadah
for you to download for your Seder.

Chag Sameach!


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"Hineini is not just a theme ... 
Hineini is a sacred calling."



A Message from the Clergy

The Haggadah: How to Keep the Old Story New 

On the evening of April 14th, once again, we will gather around the Seder table and read the Haggadah, the tolling of our tale of redemption from Egyptian slavery. But how long have we been telling the same story?

The Haggadah is the most widely reprinted book in Jewish history. More than 2500 versions exist. The first printed Haggadah dates back to the 15th century. Gogin back further, the oldest hand-written version we have is from the 10th century. Explanations of what we are to include date back to the 2nd century. The acrual sharing of our story of freedom goes all the way back to our origins as a people, to our enslavement in Egypt. In the middle of the redemption narrative, in Exodus 13:8, we read: "And you shall explain to your child on that day, 'it is because of what the Eternal did for me when I went free from Egypt.' "

If we review all of the Haggadot in print today, we will find versions that run the gambit, from the most traditional to the most secular. In preparation for this month's Seder, we have to ask ourselves the question: Why do we ourselves keep coming back, year after year, to hear the telling of the tale?  (continued...)


Our First Forty Years - Temple Chai History Book
Our book documenting the 40 year history of Temple Chai is now available in the temple office. Price: $36. Pick up your copy today, and be a part of the journey! Contact Deb Mattes for more info.
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