Temple Chai Confirmation Class of 2014
Students attend a mock wedding in our sanctuary
Temple Chai members in Israel on congregational trip




At Temple Chai, we celebrate Shabbat every Friday night in our sanctuary. Our Kabbalat Shabbat (lit. "Welcoming Shabbat") services are held at 6:30, with an Oneg...

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High Holy Days

The High Holy Days offer an opportunity to welcome the new year with joy and optimism. In preparation, we are to make an honest, heartfelt assessment of our choices and behaviors during the...

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Life Cycle

Our Temple Chai clergy, staff, and congregation are your extended Jewish family. We are all here to share the joys of life with you and to provide comfort and support amidst...

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Music At Temple Chai

Music is an integral part of the Temple Chai experience. Through it we share incredible moments of holiness and joy and renew and sustain our passsion for Jewish life and relatonships. 



Adult Programs

Third Thursdays at Temple Chai...
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Women of Temple Chai

Connecting all the women of Temple Chai to each other, to Temple Chai and to our commuity through social programming, social action, religious and educational programs...

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Youth Programs

Temple Chai is thrilled to offer spectacular clubs and events to our most special members - our children! We offer engaging and fun youth programming...

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A Summer That Lasts A Lifetime

Since 1952, OSRUI has provided campers a place to...

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We foster a love of Israel by encouraging meaningful travel to Israel, and we bring Israel to Temple Chai...

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Hineini/Social Justice

Hineini (Social Justice)

Hineini at Temple Chai

"Hineini" (הנני) is...

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Mitzvah Opportunities

Below is a list of all the current mitzvah opportunities through Temple Chai. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Maot Chitim


"Maot Chitim" refers to the centuries old custom of gathering wheat to provide the poor with matzoh and other items for the observance of Pesach. More...

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Uniting and not dividing: rabbinic reflections on the AIPAC Policy Conference

I am proud to be a Rabbi of a congregation of pro-Israel supporters and activists. 

I am proud of our mission statement that includes 'a love of Israel'. 

I am proud of the Israel advocacy we demonstrate in word and deed through numerous educational programs and a transformative congregational trip to Israel attended every two years by 75-100 synagogue members. 

I am proud of the leadership we have demonstrated in the number of our 8th grade students that travel to Israel with Ta'am Yisrael each year. 

I am proud of the remarkable partnership we have created over the years with our Israel committee and its passionate leader Steve Sukenik and our inspirational guide and teacher Etty Dolgin. 

I am proud that just a few weeks ago that Temple Chai had the second largest synagogue delegation in the Chicago area to the AIPAC Policy Conference. 

I left this year's AIPAC policy conference with three vivid images. My time in Washington DC left me uplifted, inspired and yes...deeply disturbed. I was inspired and uplifted by the presence of 18,000 pro-Israel supports and activists who brought me nearly to tears in the singing of our national anthem and HaTikvah. My heart was uplifted as I listened to the testimonials and stories of true difference makers in the story of Israel and the strong alliance built between our country and the state of Israel. 

As we approached the speeches of the presidential candidates, many opinions were shared by the rabbinic community as the best way to respond. A special meeting of the reform rabbis was called to discuss potential responses, from boycotts, to walking out as speakers were introduced and offering special study sessions just outside the arena. By choice, I sat during each of the speeches with our congregational delegation. Although strongly opposed to the rhetoric I knew I would hear, I thought it was important to be a personal witness to the words about to be spoken, so I did not leave the room or participate in alternative activities. 

The divisive political rhetoric of that day they left me very unsettled. Instead of Israel being a rallying point of collective pride and honor, it became just another venue for political divide...right and left...conservative and liberal...republican and democrat. Standing ovations and lengthy applause as contrary policies were condemned and maligned left me deeply saddened...a reminder of how the fractured and divisive nature of our political discourse during this season of the year has impacted our ability to stand together as one community and honor, strengthen and grow our advocacy for the Jewish State and it's alliance to our country. 

At a rabbinic lunch attended by several hundred rabbis of all the denominations, our guest speaker shared the following words: 'there will be no AIPAC without Jews'. It was a stark reminder of the work that lies before us. With dwindling commitments to synagogues throughout North America, the continuing and ongoing challenge of B'nai Mitzvah dropout and creating a vibrant and relevant Jewish community, this is a time that we must speak with one voice...not as liberals or conservatives, republicans or democrats, but rather as committed members of the Jewish community, with words that that unite rather than divide, that the State of Israel, its continued vibrancy and wellbeing, as a center of Jewish culture and pluralistic Jewish expression, is at the center and core of our Jewish soul and spirit. This is my fondest hope and prayer for the Jewish people and for all the important work that lies before us as a congregation. 

With thoughts of peace and blessing,

Rabbi Hart 

Click here for more information about Temple Chai's programs and partnerships with Israel.




Temple Chai’s education program begins for kids as young as three and four years old through the Pre-Kindergarten class. Students learn about the Jewish holidays like Shabbat and Rosh HaShannah as...

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K – 2

Classes are held at Temple Chai on Sunday mornings from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m.

The curriculum for these young students centers around values education, the Jewish holidays, Torah, and what it...

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3rd – 7th

Temple Chai offers Hebrew school for 3rd to 6th graders to help them participate in T’filot (services). They learn to read, write, and say the Hebrew prayers and the Hebrew in the Torah.


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Temple Chai’s teen school program is better than ever! Students from three different synagogues join together...

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We love to hear from you! Please come by and say HI when you are home from school!!

Interested in a great internship? Graduate school? Life Changing Experience? Check out...

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Lifelong Jewish Learning

Dedicated to offering meaningful programs that will enhance...

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Students With Special Needs

Each one of our students is special and unique and we treat each of our students as an individual. Many of our students need extra support for a variety of reasons; therefore, it is important for...

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School Resources


At Temple Chai we create a passion for living a Jewish life. We empower our learners to develop a personal connection to Judaism, God,...

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Inspiring Jewish Journeys

Temple Chai is seeking ways to make it easier for people to get connected and inspired on their Jewish journeys. As outlined in our Mission Statement, we are an inclusive and nurturing community embracing a culture of belonging and participation. To further this goal, we have developed 4 pathways to membership at Temple Chai:

Families with young children can now enjoy the deep discounted beenfits of our Step 1 membership level until their oldest child finishes kindergarten. Step 2, when your oldest child is in 1st grade, is still deeply discounted with only 1/3 of membership dues and 1/3 of building fund required. Step 3, when your oldest child is in 2nd grade, you pay only 2/3 of membership dues and building fund. When your child starts 3rd grade, you will be considered a full member.

Any first-time Temple Chai member (excluding those covered by the above Step Program) will receive 33% off their membership dues.

Refer friends and family to be members of Temple Chai and receive 10% of the value of your friend's second-year membership dues. Refer as many friends as you want to receive multiple discounts credited to your temple account.

The Membership Committee of Temple Chai is offering an additional $50 incentive for first-time members to be used toward this year's Sunday pre-school program for 3- and 4-year-olds.



Upcoming Events

We inspire Jewish journeys in an inclusive, nurturing community with a passion for lifelong learning, music, acts of loving kindness, and a love of Israel. Learn More

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